Detailed planning is the essential factor in creating a safe, fun-filled ski experience for your students and supervisors.
This page guides you through providing the information we need to create your tour, and also provides guidance
for organisers, supervisors  and attendees. We recommend that all participants, parents and caregivers access the
guidelines and information provided on this webpage.

Your KiwiSki consultant is your single point of contact throughout booking and itinerary, assisting throughout
the process before you depart and available for the duration of your stay.

 Promotional assistance is available in the form of our Launch Pack. In addition, approximately four weeks prior
to departure, you will receive your 
Group Leader Ski Pack containing an abundance of information for your forthcoming ski trip.
We will also email you a copy of the ‘Before You Go–Ski Pack’ to ensure your students make the most out of their time on
the slopes in a safe manner.

We understand the amount of time and dedication that is involved in the planning, organisation
and running of a school trip. We are here to help, and aim to do everything we can to make your job as
trouble-free as possible. Here are some handy documents to make the process of organising and
promoting your trip  that much easier. Make this your main resource when launching your tour, whether it’s
your first school ski trip or your tenth. We have tried to address all the queries that may be raised with you as
well as providing materials that can help to save your time. Some of these will need to be signed and returned to KiwiSki.
You can email, or mail these to us once you have printed and signed them.

In the early stages of booking a trip with KiwiSki it’s essential to create interest within your organisation; initially to gain
managerial approval and then to achieve viable participant numbers. Please find a free advertising poster pdf below.
If you need any assistance, please make sure to contact us.