At KiwiSki, we appreciate that educational professionals have a constantly increasing workload that eats into their own time. We know that dedicated teachers understand the benefits of exposing students to new experiences that, in themselves, are an education.

Would you love to organise a skiing trip but feel that the challenge is too daunting? Perhaps you are concerned that there just aren’t enough hours in your day to manage the complexity of an overseas ski trip?

We understand the amount of extra work and commitment involved in planning and organising such a trip and our aim is to make the whole process as easy as possible for you, the party leader.

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We believe that our industry experience, careful planning and timely communication will ensure a safe, fun filled, learning experience for your entire touring group.


Getting official approval for your trip is essential before you do anything else. Every school has different procedures but you’ll probably need to make some form of case for the ski tour.


New Zealand boasts some of the world’s best skiing and offers novices and enthusiasts alike a wide variety of commercial fields.


The safety and security of your group is paramount. KiwiSki is fully committed to ensuring the highest safety standards and the utmost financial security.